Liberal Columnist: We’re Coming For Your Guns And We’ll Take Them; Newtown Report: Mother, School ‘Appeased’ Lanza, it’s their fault, not 2A citizens!; Fools Push For Ban On Knives, knew that was coming.

Liberal Columnist: We’re Coming For Your Guns And We’ll Take Them

By Brian Anderson, November 25, 2014.

Gerald Ensley penned what is likely the most insane anti-gun rant ever written. In typical gun-hating fashion the article is ripe with misinterpretations of the Constitution, a lack of firearms knowledge, and a complete detachment from reality. What sets this one apart from the others is that the author, rather than calling for do-nothing “commonsense” gun control laws, wants to ban firearms completely. Every last one of them.

An article titled Stop the insanity: Ban guns gives a clue to the irrationality contained within. Ensley starts off listing some high-profile shootings like Sandy Hook and Gabby Giffords with this advice:

Take away guns and they don’t happen.

Just in case you are confused about what the author wants to happen, he lays it out in the simplest of terms:

I’m not talking about gun control. I’m not talking about waiting periods and background checks.

I’m talking about flat-out banning the possession of handguns and assault rifles by individual citizens. I’m talking about repealing or amending the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

And he so delusional that he thinks this is something easily achievable:

You can prevent humans from having easy access to tools they can use to harm other people.

He doesn’t say how this can happen, but he clearly doesn’t know that guns aren’t the only things that can kill. Thousands of people are murdered every year by blunt objects, edged weapons, and hands and feet.

Because if we ban guns, eventually the tide will turn. It might take 10 years or 20 years. Hell, it might take 50 years. But if we make it illegal to own a handgun, eventually there will be no handguns.

In the meantime, the criminals who won’t follow the law will rob, rape, and murder those law-abiding citizens stupid enough to turn in their guns. Oh, and somehow the author’s fantasy plan will be the first successful prohibition and there will be no black market for handguns like there is for illegal drugs and everything else the government tries to ban.

Ensley reassures that we should disarm because self-defense is not a concern:

…the average American has only a one in 250 chance of being the victim of a violent crime.

If there’s a 1 in 250 chance that you’ll be assaulted or murdered, you’d be an idiot not to tool up. And again, if the good guys are all stripped of their firearms, the odds of being a victim go up exponentially.

The author initially called for a ban of all guns, but mid-stream changed his mind:

Let the hunters keep their rifles and shotguns; those weapons are ineffective tools in a mass shooting.

I guess he forgot that both the Aurora movie theater shooter and the Navy Yard shooter used shotguns to carry out most or all of their killing sprees. I’m sure the victim’s families would disagree that shotguns are “ineffective tools” for mass shootings.

Other than “speaking up” and “marching forward” Ensley never really explains how he plans to get all of these firearms banned or how he thinks the government can confiscate the hundreds of millions of guns in private hands.

As crazy as this anti-gun rant is, the author saved the best for last with this bold threat:

One of the frequent refrains of gun freaks about President Obama is “He’s coming for our guns.” Obama never said such a thing. But I will:

We’re coming for your guns. And someday, we’ll take them.

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Adam Lanza. Photo: Getty Images

Newtown Report: Mother, School ‘Appeased’ Lanza

10:07 PM 11/21/2014

Blake Neff, Contributor


Sandy Hook mass shooter Adam Lanza showed signs of severe mental illness throughout his life, but both his parents and educators repeatedly missed opportunities to address them, according to a new follow-up report published Friday by Connecticut’s Office of Child Advocate.

Lanza killed 20 children, six adults, and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012, shortly after also murdering his mother at home. The shooting led to calls from President Obama and other Democrats for new gun control laws, in particular universal background checks for anybody seeking to buy a gun.

The shooting also led to demands for increased mental health resources in order to identify and assist afflicted individuals, after it became clear that Lanza was very mentally ill. Over the course of his life, the new report notes, Lanza was variously diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety disorder. By the time of his death, Lanza was also anorexic, packing just 112 pounds onto his bony six-foot frame. While none of these illnesses is known to have a direct correlation with violent outbursts, the report still faults Lanza’s parents and the school system at large for missing opportunities to spot Lanza’s deteriorating condition and potentially take action to help him.

At various points in his life, expert evaluations of Lanza identified his severe mental issues and recommended extensive special education and therapy. However, Lanza’s parents generally ignored these recommendations, and were enabled by the school system. Among other things, Lanza often resisted taking medication for his various diagnoses, an action that apparently was supported by his mother.

“The school system cared about [Adam Lanza]’s success but also unwittingly enabled Mrs. Lanza’s preference to accommodate and appease [him],” the report says. One major shortfall, the report says, was school officials’ approval of an educational plan that allowed Lanza to engage in independent study and graduate early from high school at age 17. This plan allowed for both Lanza and his parents to avoid any interaction with mental health professionals from 2008 onwards, even as evidence indicates that Lanza’s mental condition was in rapid decline.

The report suggests that Mrs. Lanza may not have fully appreciated the implications of Adam’s disorders and his need for ongoing treatment as an adult. While Mrs. Lanza noticed that her son was “despondent” and increasingly withdrawn from the world (he did not leave his room for three months prior to the massacre), she never sought further treatment for him and did nothing to prevent him from having access to firearms in the house.

The report also suggests that racial and class factors may have allowed Lanza’s mental illnesses to fly under the radar, as teachers were overly willing to accept Mrs. Lanza’s desire that her son be a “normal student.”

“Would a similar family from a different race or lower socio-economic status in the community have been given the same benefit of the doubt that [Lanza]‘s family was given? Is the community more reluctant to intervene and more likely to provide deference to the parental judgment and decision-making of white, affluent parents than those caregivers who are poor or minority?” the report asks.

While the report declines to blame any particular person or entity, going forward it suggests that schools, pediatricians, and other groups interacting with children should all assume some responsibility for assessing mental health, in order to avoid mental disorders from being repeatedly ignored as a problem for somebody else to deal with. It also recommends improving the system of mental health oversight, so that both children and adults with disorders can be routinely observed without waiting for “developmental failures” to occur such as homelessness, unemployment, or mass shootings.

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Britons Push For Ban On Pointy Knives

By Robert Gehl, November 23, 2014.

British doctors are calling for the ban of pointy knives.

It’s lunacy, but the public is beginning to rally around the confiscation and ban of sharp knives.

If all knives were ground down, it would reduce indiscriminate stabbings and makes Brits safer.

Researchers claim they asked ten chefs if pointed tips on knives were important – and since they said “no” – they should be banned.

Keep in mind, guns have already been banned in the U.K. and – shocker – violent crime is still rampant in the U.K. (in fact, it’s far higher than in the U.S.)

But that doesn’t matter – because the U.K. is all about sacrificing personal liberties for a false sense of safety and security.

French laws in the 17th century decreed that the tips of table and street knives be ground smooth.

A century later, forks and blunt-ended table knives were introduced in the UK in an effort to reduce injuries during arguments in public eating houses.

The researchers say legislation to ban the sale of long pointed knives would be a key step in the fight against violent crime.

“The Home Office is looking for ways to reduce knife crime.

“We suggest that banning the sale of long pointed knives is a sensible and practical measure that would have this effect.”

Here’s a rather long video of what knives are banned currently in the U.K.

In London, they’ve launched a new campaign called “Save a Life, Surrender your Knife,” where hundreds of people have turned in their knives to authorities ahead of a push to arrest and imprison people if they are caught carrying a knife – any knife – that may cause “offense” to anyone else.

When liberals talk about making the United States more like Europe, this insanity is precisely what they’re talking about.