compilation: Globull warming – Robot Submarine Finds Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Believed / ‘Global Warming Swindle’ vs. ‘Inconvenient Truth’: A Comparison of Documentaries

Blame it on the polar vortex, according to climate scientists. Warming oceans and melting ice are weakening the vortex, causing colder, snowier winters. Huh? This year has given us, “The earliest ice on some of the Great Lakes in at least 40 years.” Arctic ice is decreasing as Antarctic ice is increasing, meaning a shift, not a net loss. How does one reasonably draw conclusions from conflicting and contradictory data? Unless the conclusions are foregone and data is simply window dressing.

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‘Global Warming Swindle’ vs. ‘Inconvenient Truth’: A Comparison of Documentaries

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 08:07 PM

By Alana Marie Burke


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Two documentaries that tackled the controversial issue of climate change, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" and "An Inconvenient Truth," took polar opposite positions on the issue. Each documentary took a definite stance on global warming, whether it is human-caused and on whether climate change presents an imminent danger to human kind. While both documentaries received accolades, both documentaries were also criticized for containing flawed data by those for and against anthropogenic global warming theories.

"An Inconvenient Truth" claims that there is a scientific consensus that global warming is anthropogenic. However, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" refutes that claim stating, "The most highly qualified and respected scientists can be blind to obvious deficiencies in a theory and will be dismissive of evidence when it undermines what they want to believe."

The brainchild of former vice president turned climate change activist Al Gore, "An Inconvenient Truth" premiered in 2006. In the film, Al Gore made the statement that not only are humans to blame for global warming but that if humans allow it, "it is deeply unethical." In the companion book to the film, "An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It" Gore stated that allowing global warming to continue "would be deeply and unforgivably immoral. It would condemn coming generations to a catastrophically diminished future."

According to an academic report by Texas state climatologist John W. Nielsen-Gammon, here are some of the claims made in "An Inconvenient Truth":

· "Global warming is caused by global warming pollution, which traps extra infrared radiation."

· "Carbon dioxide is going up relentlessly because of the larger changes in our civilization."

· "Impacts of the resulting global warming are visible worldwide in retreating glaciers."

· "Temperatures are unprecedented over past 1,000 years, and the trend is intensifying."

· "Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets are endangered; their melting would cause catastrophic sea level rise"

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" which first aired on British television in 2007 purports that scientific consensus on global warming is the result of financial interests, media bias, and a "global warming activist industry." According to the film:

· "Man-made global warming is no longer just a theory about climate; it is the defining moral and political cause of our age."

· "The Earth’s climate is always changing. There is nothing unusual about the current temperature."

· "There is no evidence that CO2 has ever ‘driven’ the climate in the past, nor is there any compelling evidence that it is doing so now."

· "Everywhere you are being told that climate changed is proved beyond doubt, but you are being told lies."

· "When people say we don’t believe in global warming, I say no, I believe in global warming, I don’t believe that human CO2 is causing that warming."

· "Greenland has been much warmer. Just a thousand years ago, Greenland was warmer than it is today. Yet it didn’t have a dramatic melting event."

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Robot Submarine Finds Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Believed

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 04:52 PM

By John Blosser

Global warming theories just took a major hit with a surprising discovery by British, U.S. and Australian researchers who found that Antarctic underwater ice is much thicker than scientists had believed it to be.

After four years of study using a robot submarine called SeaBED, the researchers found that Antarctic ice averages from 4.5 to 18 feet in thickness, Breitbart reports.

Previously, scientists had believed Antarctic ice was only about 3.2-16.4 feet (1-5 meters) thick, Carbon Brief reports, but the new discovery indicates that in some areas, Antarctic ice may measure up to 16 meters (52 feet) thick.

Writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, the research team stated: "We suggest that thick ice in the near-coastal and interior pack may be under-represented in existing in situ assessments of Antarctic sea ice and hence, on average, Antarctic sea ice may be thicker than previously thought," Breitbart reports.

In fact, the team speculates that Antarctic ice may actually be growing in thickness.

"While we have not measured all Antarctic sea ice thickness and cannot state if Antarctic sea ice is getting thicker, this study is a huge step towards the sort of expanded and more routine measurements we will need to do to truly answer these questions," Australian oceanographer Guy Williams, of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, said, Xinhuanet reported.

For the past four years, an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) robot submarine has been scanning the Antarctic ice from the underside. The twin-hulled submarine can work at 100 feet in depth. Weighing 200 kilograms, or 440 pounds, the sub, with three propellers, uses upward-facing sonar to create a three-dimensional map of the area above it, The Register reports.

Dr. Rob Massom, senior research scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division, said that prior to using the submarine, the job had been low-tech and manual, involving the labor-intensive drilling of holes.

"We look over the side of icebreakers and we look at the way that the icebreaker overturns the sea ice and we do a visual estimate on the hour every hour," Breitbart reported.

The robot sub "provided a new view of Antarctic sea ice with three dimensional maps. It’s like going from a broken pair of binoculars to a brand new telescope," Williams said.

Ted Maksym, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution oceanographer, told NBC News that "if we don’t know how much ice there is, we can’t validate the models we use to understand the global climate."

How the Antarctic sea ice forms "remains one of the great unknowns in the climate system," Carbon Brief reported Maksym said.

Scientist Jeremy Wilkinson of the British Antarctic Survey said "climate scientists modeling a warming world are baffled by the behavior of the southern ice," The Register reported.

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